1.) Stock Category

Falcons entered in this category have historically been thoroughly detailed while maintaining a High Percentage of Authenticity. Most common and accepted modifications in this category are custom or aftermarket wheels combined with radial performance type fires (rather than bias ply). The other noted and accepted modifications are "Sprint" or "Cobra type air cleaners and valve covers. These two modifications we felt to be acceptable because perhaps the OEM, bias tires are not available in the correct sizes and radial tires add a definite safety factor in traction, handling and braking. The newer sizes of radial tires also require a rim width that is wider than the stock Falcon wheel. This is the reason many owners choose to run the 14X6 Magnums or 14X7 Magnums in combination with a 70 series radial tire. The Sprint and Cobra engine accessories are recognized as 'True' Ford parts and could be purchased over the counter from any Ford dealership. Details really stand out in this category. The engine compartment will more than likely be clean enough to eat off in his vehicle, be it a 144/170/200 six or a 260/289/302 eight, will be detailed to the max. No glaring modifications anywhere on this Falcon. It just looks a little better than the original, the way it would have if Ford could have "Handbuilt" each one individually. You may see these Falcons on a trailer or driven on a nice day. Several cars of this quality may even be driven on long trips. All in all, these Falcons are built for 'Show or Go'. At local car shows across the nation these cars are bringing back the memories of the car that started it all, and bringing home the "Gold" to boot. Fifteen classes covering all models of Falcons are available for these 'Pristine,' but not quite "Concurs" vehicles.

2.) Daily/Street Driven Category

This category is perhaps the most important to the future of the FCA and the value of all Falcons. As the name implies, this category is for those special Falcons that you use on the street every day. These Falcons are driven at least three thousand miles per year, rain or shine. They are not 'Parade Cars' or 'Museum Pieces'. They take Dad to work and Mom to the grocery. They are often the son's or daughters first car and are depended on to get them to school every day. They have felt the pain of parking lots and careless drivers. They are the cars left outside to make room for Mom's new Taurus, they are also the ones that will start when the new one refused to face the cold of winter. Definitely not a show car, but for sure a winner!

You may not find a show quality paint job on this Falcon, maybe a nice set of wheels like Magnums or even steel wheels and not quite show quality hubcaps. The engine compartment may or may not be detailed. In all cases it will be as clean as one can keep it. Remember this car is used as it was intended. Several modifications that improve dependability may even be evidenced on this "driver". Maybe an alternator where a generator once resided; one can easily understand wanting a dependable charging system. The beauty of the Falcons in this category is that they may not be perfect, but that they are well maintained, attractive vehicles willing to take their proud owners across town, to work, grocery shopping, or wherever they want to go.  Four classes are available in this category for these Falcons.

3.) Diamond in the Rough

This category is for the Falcon that obviously needs work or is in the process of being restored. It may or not be drivable. It may be in primer or still have the old paint job. The interior may be tattered and torn or partially finished. The body work not completed. The engine needs work. Anyone looking at this Falcon can see it does not fit in any of the other categories but has potential some day. Four classes are available for this class.

4.) Modified Category

This category is wide open! You will find Customs, Sleds, Racers, Chopped Tops, Full Frames, Tubs, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Monster Tires and a host of other tempting modifications. Engines may be carbureted, fuel injected small block, or even a blown big block. In either case, you bet it is well detailed and more than likely 'Bad to the Bone'. No engine modification is considered extreme, although all entries must be Ford Powered (absolute no Brand X). Paint schemes will vary as much as engine choice. We’re talking Metallic, Pastels, Flames, Graphics, Murals or a Super Smooth Single Color over Rolled Pans, Filled Seams and a Sunken Antenna. Interiors may be as stark as a race car or as plush as a new Continental Town Car . In all cases, the interior will be fitted to suit the owner and fully functional for the application. As can be seen, "modified" best describes this category of five classes.

5.)Masters Category

This category is for the "Purist" The Falcons entered here will really open your eyes and make the mouth water. These cars are as correct as one can possibly make them, right down to the smallest detail. Nothing fancy but all exactly like the factory built it twenty to thirty ago years ago. Correct interior, correct paint color, correct engine transmission combination. Everything the factory data plate indicates is correct. It may have just received a ground-up restoration, or it could be a low mileage original. In all cases, these Falcons are the "Best of the Best".

Information taken from: http://www.northland-falcons.com on July 17, 2008